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Industrial Dealer Career Opportunities

Our Industrial Dealers Are In Need of Skilled Employees

Generac isn't just growing—we're thriving. In 2010, we became a publicly traded company after half a century of private ownership. Recent years have seen unprecedented demand for onsite backup power as our electrical utility infrastructure remains fragile and we experience major weather events—the 2011 autumn snowstorm in the Northeast, the derecho in 2012, and the devastating Hurricane Sandy.

We’ve invested in adding several companies to the Generac family: Magnum Power Products and Baldor's generator business in Wisconsin, Ottomotores in Mexico and Tower Light Srl in Italy. They are helping Generac expand our industry-leading product portfolio and serve customers the world over.

Sharing in—and contributing to—Generac’s success is our dealer network. Like us, Generac Industrial Power dealers are investing in talented employees to help them grow right along with us. From engineering and sales to service technicians to support staff, Generac Industrial Power dealers want the best and the brightest.

What's Available in Your Area?

Look for a dealer in your area by navigating to your region. See what positions they have available and  become a part of the Generac success story.