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Generac to Expand its Bi-Fuel System Offering

Generac to Expand its Bi-Fuel System Offering


Generac’s Bi-Fuel™ generators, which run on both diesel fuel and natural gas simultaneously, are noted for their reliability in many applications. As a result of this popularity, Generac’s 600 kW Bi-Fuel power system—the only EPA factory-compliant bi-fuel system on the market—will soon expand to include a 500 kW power node. Standardized engines and other improvements will accompany this expansion.

Generac Bi-Fuel generators use diesel as a pilot fuel to ignite the natural gas, eventually running primarily on natural gas (typically 70%), but they are also able to run on diesel fuel alone as conventional diesel generators typically operate. The natural gas provides extended running times not available on diesel-only generators. It also allows for reduced on-site diesel fuel storage, which means a smaller footprint and reduced diesel fuel maintenance.

“Generac is expanding its Bi-Fuel product family to provide more flexibility and scalability in all applications” said Rich Thompson, director of marketing, Generac Industrial Power. “They can be used either as single-engine solutions or connected in parallel as part of a Generac modular power system [MPS] for even more redundancy and reliability in mission-critical applications.”

The expanded Bi-Fuel family will utilize many of the current and time-tested gas train components, as well as the existing control system, and will be available with all current configurable options.  However, upgrades in the frame, gas flow sensors, controls module and flex hose connections will further improve on the quality and reliability that customers have come to expect from Generac Bi-Fuel generators.

Additionally, all Generac Bi-Fuel generators will now feature Perkins® engines. This follows the company’s announcement last December of its intention to standardize on the electronically controlled Perkins diesel engines. Generac made this decision because of the reputation Perkins engines have for reliability, performing productively through high power density, providing improved engine performance, and delivering a lower ownership cost due to minimal maintenance and downtime.

“Adding the Perkins 18.1L engine to our 600 kW Bi-Fuel unit was the next step in the engine standardization process,” said Rich Thompson, director of marketing, Generac Industrial Power. “The new 500 kW power node with a Perkins 15.2L engine will continue this process while offering our customers a best-in-class ownership experience.”

The Generac Bi-Fuel systems are the only EPA factory-compliant bi-fuel generators. All other competitive bi-fuel units are either provided by third parties or retrofitted in the field. Generac Bi-Fuel generators will also continue to comply with all regulations and listings, and will offer 180 mph wind load and seismic certification. Preinstalled enclosures will improve installation time and operator efficiency. Finally, an aesthetically designed exhaust hood that mounts to the silencer system reduces sound levels more than ever before and minimizes any environmental effects on system operations.

Generac’s 500 kW Bi-Fuel generator is currently available. Click here for more information.