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Generac Manufactures One Millionth Home Backup Generator

Generac Manufactures One Millionth Home Backup Generator


Generac Power Systems, the market leader in home backup power, manufactured its one millionth home backup generator at its Whitewater, Wis. facility on Wednesday, February 27, 2013. Employees and senior management were on hand to celebrate the event.

“Generac created the home backup generator category about 25 years ago,” said Dawn Tabat, chief operating officer for Generac. “I’ve been fortunate to celebrate many Generac milestones during my 40 years with the company. However, this one is truly momentous, because after today we will have protected a million families across the country against power outages. We’re grateful to all of our customers who have put their trust in the Generac brand, and to our employees whose dedication has helped us protect so many.”

The one millionth unit—a 20kW Guardian® Series home backup generator—has been earmarked for placement in a permanent display about Generac’s history that will be part of the company’s remodeled corporate headquarters in Waukesha. Since introducing the first home backup generator, the company’s share of the market has grown to more than 70 percent.

Because of the weak electric power infrastructure in the U.S. and the increase in the number and severity of powerful storms, demand for home backup power continues to grow. Hurricane Sandy, which at one point left more than 5 million without power in the Northeast, caused Generac to accelerate its plans to open its Jefferson, Wis. manufacturing facility, which it acquired in late 2012. The facility opened in December 2012—months ahead of schedule. Currently, home backup generators are being built at the Whitewater plant 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet demand. Generac has added hundreds of jobs at both facilities in recent months to meet demand, and continues to hire for both assembly and professional/technical positions.