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Diesel 1500kW

Model #SD1500/MD1500

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Generac Diesel 1500 kW Standby Generators

Stationary Gensets
Providing the industry’s most comprehensive line of emergency standby, industrial prime or peak shaving power systems in any imaginable configuration; you can count on Generac to design and build your genset exactly to fit your needs. From our stock gaseous and diesel gensets to our fully customized gensets, you can depend on Generac to provide the peace of mind you desire. Don’t accept poor power or power outages from the utility. You can rest assured a Generac stationary genset will provide your place of business, house, or industrial building clean and reliable power.

Reliability and Convenience
Reliability starts at the core of any great product. At the heart of the generator set is a fuel efficient, emissions compliant diesel engine and a brushless alternator with permanent magnet generator excitation system. The base generator set is then fitted with primary fuel filter, electrical gear along with other features that can include battery charger, engine coolant heater, oil level monitoring, and other options before being fitted into the sound attenuated enclosure. A large integral fuel tank is added along with internal mount exhaust silencer and heavy duty air cleaners.

Convenience only happens when you listen to your customers and pay attention to details. Years of field experience have revealed several design areas that make operation and setup an easy task. The digital genset controller and power connections are mounted at eye level and are accessed through large operator interface doors located on the exterior of the enclosure. Bus bars and shore power connections are included for easy power connections for the genset output power and to supply AC power for lighting and convenience features. Input and output power connections can be routed through the bottom or the side of the enclosure. DC lighting with timer switches can be supplied in the enclosure and operator compartments for use when AC power is not available.

Generac generators are designed to meet your stringent requirements for quality electrical power and mechanical durability. They are designed for the standby or prime power requirements of industrial, commercial, health care, telecommunication and data center applications. Our systems are designed to help you with peak shaving and interruptible rate applications as well. Generac generators provide high quality and reliability at affordable and competitive prices. For more information contact your local Generac dealer.

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