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Industrial Transfer Switches and Controllers

Generac's Industrial Transfer Switches

HTS Transfer Switch
The Generac HTS transfer switch is a microprocessor-based design for operation in conjunction with the PowerManager® H-100 controller. HTS switches communicate via a RS485 communication link to the controller. Utility voltage and frequency are monitored by the HTS switch. Switching techniques are selectable for in-phase monitoring or delayed-transition. All timers and voltage set points are remotely programmable via GenLink® communications software.

External LED displays on the outside of the door show the position of the switch position, indicate when the generator is operating and whether or not the utility is available. An external, 3-position test switch allows testing in either normal or fast mode without opening the cabinet. HTS transfer switches are available in 100 to 2600 amp models with a choice of NEMA 1, NEMA 3R or NEMA 12 enclosures and are rated to all classes of loads.

HTS 100-400 Amp Spec Sheet
HTS 600-1000 Amp Spec Sheet
HTS 1200-2600 Amp Spec Sheet

GTS Transfer Switches
Generac is the only manufacturer of open transition switches to incorporate the two most common switching methods (inphase and delayed-transition) into the same ATS. Our inphase monitor provides safe, fast (160 msec) transfers between two live voltage sources when the source voltages are aligned (within 20°). If voltages are not inphase within an appropriate time, the system will automatically revert to the time delayed-transition transfer. If the inphase function is disabled, our GTS switches utilize delayed-transition transfer that allows load voltage to decay to a safe level before switching sources.

Generac GTS transfer switches feature status lights that indicate switch position and source status, a programmable weekly exerciser that can be user-configured to transfer on exercise, independent voltage pickup and dropout adjustments and utility monitoring to protect against utility phase loss conditions. Our front access test mode switch allows the entire standby system to be tested in either a normal or fast test mode.

GTS 100-400 Amps Spec Sheet
GTS 100-400 Amps TTN Spec Sheet
GTS 600-1000 Amps Spec Sheet
GTS 1200-2600 Amps Spec Sheet

Industrial Controllers

PowerManager® H-100 Controller
The Generac HTS transfer switch is a smart switch designed to operate seamlessly with the Generac H-100 series generator controllers.  The seamlessly integrated controllers offer multiple functions including two-way communication with the automatic transfer switch, isochronous engine speed control and automatic voltage regulation with over-voltage protection and variable voltage/frequency settings.  This controller package comes equipped with RS232 and RS485 communication ports and is capable of remote monitoring with the addition of an optional modem or Ethernet and GenLink software.

PowerManager® G-200 Controller
The PowerManager Digital Control Platform (DCP) is engineered as an integrated, flexible platform with product specific software modules.  The PowerManager DCP can be configured as a single genset (PowerManager G-100), a parallel generator controller (PowerManager G-200), or a master system controller (PowerManager G-200SC) for Modular Power Systems.

The PowerManager G-200 replaces multiple generator controllers and eliminates bulky and expensive paralleling switchgear.  Features of the G-200 include integrated PLC logic and programming capability, multiple user defined inputs and outputs, communication via Modbus or CANBus, remote display capability, simple touch screen programming, remote software updating, alarm and event logging with real time stamping and built-in diagnostics.  A built-in modem with dial out capability or Ethernet add-on provides remote interface using Generac GenLink software.