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Shine Bright This Holiday Season

Let Your home sparkle

This holiday season, have the power to put up the best lights in the neighborhood. Start mapping out your holiday lights now and be the brightest house on the block. Here are a few tips and tricks to shine brighter than the rest from eClean Magazine.

1. Make a Plan
Plan where you want to hang the lights. Try to balance out the lights by also lighting the lower half of your house, not just the roofline. Measure the distance for your power source so you are aware of what you need. 

2. Locate Electrical Outlets
According to, when looking for extension cords, make sure to purchase UL -approved extension cords that are specifically for indoor/outdoor use. When needing to plug in the extension cord(s), you should use an outlet that is controlled by an on/off switch. You also want to use an outdoor outlet that has a weatherproof cover. *Do not use an indoor outlet to power outdoor lights.*

3. Hanging Lights
Successful holiday lighting starts with the correct type of clip to hang your lights. Throw away any old mechanisms you used to hang your lights and sStart using specific light clips that is recommended for your home’s surfacespecifically designed for hanging and holding lights. The first step to a successful holiday lighting is when you use the correct type of clip to hang your lights.

Here are the some recommended clips for common surfaces:
•    Wood and Asphalt Shingles: All-In-One Clip
•    Clay Shingle Tiles: Clay Tile Roof Clip
•    Gutters: All-In-One Clip
•    Siding and other flat, smooth surfaces: C Clips 

Tips and Tricks For Your Holiday Lights

Maintain Your Home Standby Generator

By providing the proper maintenance and care to your home standby generator, you will have the power keep your holiday lights shining bright and leave a lasting impression on your visitors.