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Don’t Wait for
Hurricane Season to Strike

Hurricane Terminology and Names

Hurricanes have different names depending on their location in the world. 

Universal Tropical Cyclones
North America – Hurricanes
East Africa and Australia – Cyclones
Southeastern Asia – Typhoons

Hurricanes also have individual male and female names since 1978. To determine these names, the World Meterological Organization puts together a list of names. Each name used goes on a 6 year rotation before reuse.
Some storm names may not be used again because of their past deadliness. The Organization finds the deadlier storm names to be inappropriate to use again.

All About Hurricane Season

Hurricanes bring strong winds and cause flooding and damage, resulting in widespread power outages. Keep your home protected against flooding, spoiled food and perhaps more.

Hurricanes can cause:
• Floods • Storm Surges • Tornadoes • Landslides • High Cost Repairs •

Important Things to Know Before a Disaster

The time to prepare is now. Know what to do in case of a disaster.

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Protect Your Home Prepare Today

Protect Your Home Prepare Today

Learn how you can prepare your family for hurricane season. Hurricane Safety Tips