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Landscaping Around Your HSB

Landscaping Near Your Home Standby Generator

Generators Might Not Be Beautiful, But Flowers Surrounding Them Are

While home standby generators are important to protect your home, they don’t add to the visual appeal of your yard. Fortunately, a little greenery can go a long way toward integrating your home standby generator into your home’s aesthetic.

One thing you can do is plant evergreen shrubs around the unit to create a screen that will hide your generator. You can also choose shrubs that will produce brightly colored blooms. To get a variety of beautiful flowers, consider the following:

  • Azaleas – Phoenicia and Imperial Queen
  • Camellia
  • Alba Plena
  • Glen 40
  • Nuccio’s Bella Rossa

Avoiding Landscaping Issues

You should inspect the condition of the soil and observe the lighting during different times of the day before planting. This will ensure you choose the right plant for the location.


Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s important to evenly maintain the landscape all around your home. If only one area of the yard is landscaped, soil on that side will expand and could lead to foundation cracks.

Speaking of soil, you should also consider amending the soil with compost, as well as improving drainage to prevent diseases. You should also stay on top of weeds, getting rid of them before you plant or lay sod.

Tying Generator Installation and Landscaping Together

You can create a personal configuration that matches the look and feel of your home as long as the installation meets the clearance requirements to avoid problems with airflow, exhaust, etc. The back of your Generac generator can be installed as close as 18 inches away from the wall of your home. No windows or wall openings should be within 5 feet of the back of the generator. On each side and in the front of the generator, there should be 36 inches of clearance. You can add plants, flowers, decorations and lawn furniture near your generator, such that they will not interfere with the performance of the unit.

If you choose to install your generator in an isolated area, it should be placed on a concrete slab or gravel. Depending on local codes, a concrete slab (of a specific weight) may or may not be required. Once the base is secured, you can surround it with mulch, rock displays and floral arrangements—again, in keeping with generator clearance requirements.

Need some new landscaping tools? Generac can help!

Generac now has power wagons, brush mowers and trimmer mowers available for purchase or rent. These tools can help you trim down tall grass, remove unwanted brush, and transport materials such as mulch or gravel throughout your property. Check out those and more products from our PRO line.