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Power Is Critical

What else can’t you do without power?

Think about it.

When the power grid fails, access to modern conveniences and critical services are lost. Without power you can’t:

  • Heat or air condition your home
  • Keep the food in your refrigerator fresh
  • Light your home
  • Watch TV
  • Charge your cellphone
  • Access the Internet

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Prepare to Manage the Aftermath of U.S. Electrical Grid Attacks

The Time to Protect Your Family and Home Is Now.

The United States’ electrical grid is in danger. A cyber or physical attack on the power grid could cause widespread blackouts that last days, weeks or even longer. And despite the government’s efforts to secure the grid, tens of thousands of substations remain vulnerable.

Get the Facts: Power Grid Attacks

There have been nine substation break-ins over the past two years, and according to the Wall Street Journal, theft wasn’t the apparent motive. While utilities are legally required to notify the Department of Energy within six hours of any event that could interrupt electricity, they don’t always report attacks.

  • December 2015 — Cyber attackers switched breakers off, plunging more than 225,000 Ukrainians into darkness.
  • April 2015 — Intruders slashed wires to alarms and critical equipment at Pacific Gas & Electric Co., which serves 16,700 customers in Bakersfield, CA.
  • November 2013 — Attackers slashed fiber-optic cable serving Liberty Substation near Phoenix, AZ and a larger substation near the Hoover Dam.
  • April 2013 — A sniper fired on 17 electrical transformers at the Pacific Gas & Electric Co. substation near San Jose, CA, resulting in more than $15 million worth of damage.

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