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Powering Your Party

Big Game. Small Generator. Plenty of Power.

Some say it’s a rite of passage. Make your way through any parking lot at a college or professional sports game and you can see and smell years of preparation and dedication to an art form known only as tailgating. Sound systems compete against one another for the loudest music. Grills emit only the finest smells of fresh cut angus burgers and smoked ribs. Aluminum cans crack open as they are pulled out of ice-cold refrigerators. The perfectly executed tailgating experience may be even more important than the game itself.  

But, how do these pregame party enthusiasts keep their grills hot, speakers loud and beers cold? The answer is simple: a portable generator. A portable generator is the perfect accessory to any tailgate experience. Actually, quiet and compact inverter generators are the best option when powering your party. Lighter than traditional generators, an inverter generator is the perfect option when you need to travel with your power source. 

Types of Inverter Genterators:

  • Compact inverter generators produce 800-1,000 watts of power. Run one or two appliances such as a crockpot and a blender.
  • Small inverter generators produce 1,600-2,000 watts of power. Watch TV, listen to music and heat up your cocktail meatballs all at the same time.
  • Medium inverter generators produce enough power to start a rooftop RV air conditioner and power your TV, speakers and more. 

What if I’m traveling to the next big game?

Portable generators easily go to any stadium you do. You’ll rest easy knowing your epic tailgate experience isn’t just for the home games. A portable generator helps you show off your best recipes and music without a hassle, wherever the season takes you.


Take your tailgate to the next level. Become the talk of the parking lot by powering your tailgate experience with a portable generator.  

Listen to the music, not your generator.

The quietest way to power your next tailgate is with an inverter generator. Learn more about our inverter generators and keep the rest of the parking lot wishing their tailgate was as cool as yours.