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Enjoy Long Running Times Without Refueling

At Generac, we have a singular focus: power. It's made us the leader in gaseous-fueled standby generators, with the broadest line of standby solutions in the industry. With single generators up to 400 kW, all of our gaseous-fueled generators are made with the highest quality, most reliable materials, and feature state-of-the-art technical innovations to improve their performance and reliability. Paired with the innate reliability of natural gas, it’s the smartest choice you can make.

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The Traditional Choice for Standby Power

Diesel-fueled generators are an efficient choice for high kW applications, as well as for facilities where code requirements call for on-site fuel storage, like hospitals and 911 call centers. To provide the best possible diesel-fueled standby power solutions, Generac identifies and pre-qualifies diesel engines proven in real-world applications under adverse conditions. Then we work hand-in-hand with best-in-class diesel engine manufacturers to optimize designs specifically to meet Generac requirements.

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The Only True Bi-fuel Solution

Generac Bi-Fuel generators start on diesel fuel and add natural gas as load is applied, until the unit runs primarily on natural gas. It’s not a new concept—bi-fuel engines have been used in commercial applications for decades. But Generac’s Bi-Fuel generators aren’t after-market conversions in the field, unlike practically every other bi-fuel solution on the market. They are fully integrated solutions. That means every fuel train component, every sensor, every actuator is specifically designed, engineered, and factory tested to work together. Optimally. Efficiently. And backed by a full Generac factory warranty and product support.

This gives Generac Bi-Fuel generators the added benefit of being EPA compliant from the factory—the only bi-fuel systems on the market that can make such a claim.

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An Integrated Approach to Generator Paralleling, up to 9 MW

When a single large generator set doesn't meet your application requirements, Generac’s Modular Power Systems(MPS) combine the power of several generators in a cost-effective integrated paralleling configuration. Up to 9 megawatts on a single bus. With no costly external switchgear taking up space, either. Install each unit where it best suits the application. Invest in only as much power as you need now, and add more in the future. Even mix and match fuel types. Depending upon the MPS configuration, you can enjoy up to 99.999% reliability.

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