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The Heart
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Generac Industrial Engines

Open up a Generac industrial generator, and you'll see more than just an assembly of engines, alternators, controls and formed metal. You'll see 50 years of ingenuity and innovation hard at work. Because the best generators don’t just run on fuel. They’re powered by expertise and innovation. And a single-minded focus to provide engines designed to do one thing—generate backup power.

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Reinvented. Not Repurposed.

There's one place you'll find a Generac liquid-cooled spark-ignited engine. And that's in a Generac standby generator. We engineer, manufacture, and install our spark-ignited engines at the factory. Applying natural gas and LP fuel to spark-ignited engines requires advanced engineering expertise to ensure reliability, durability, and performance. By using materials designed specifically for dryer, hotter-burning fuel, Generac spark-ignited engines last longer and require less maintenance.

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Sourcing the Best Diesel Engines for Standby Power

To provide the right solution and more options for heavy-duty backup power, Generac identifies and pre-qualifies diesel engines proven in real-world applications under adverse conditions. Then we work hand-in-hand with best-in-class diesel engine manufacturers to optimize designs specifically to meet Generac industrial and commercial power requirements.

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The Use of Red-Dyed Diesel Fuel

Generac Bi-Fuel engines start on diesel fuel and add natural gas as load is applied, until it runs primarily on natural gas. It’s not a new concept—bi-fuel engines have been used in commercial applications for decades. But Generac’s Bi-Fuel engines aren’t after-market conversions in the field, unlike practically every other bi-fuel solution on the market. They are fully integrated solutions. That means every fuel train component, every sensor, every actuator is specifically designed, engineered, and factory tested to work together. And backed by a full Generac factory warranty and product support. With the added benefit of being EPA compliant from the factory—the only bi-fuel systems on the market that can make such a claim.

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The Best of Both Worlds: