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Generac QuietSource Series

With premium features standard equipment on Generac's QuietSource® Series, this family of home backup generators is ideal for large or custom homes.

Automatic Backup Power for Large or Custom Homes

With Premium Features Not Found on Many Home Backup Generators

Looking to back up your entire home, or more items than usual? Consider the premium power of Generac's QuietSource Series. Ideal for homes requiring backup power for additional living areas, garages and air conditioners, pools, or guest houses, Generac's QuietSource Series features a low-RPM liquid-cooled engine for additional power but extra-quiet operation and reduced fuel consumption.

QuietSource Series Features

What Makes the QuietSource Series a Premium Home Backup Power Solution?
Generac's QuietSource Series offers standard features not found on many other home backup generators. An aluminum enclosure. A low-RPM automotive-style engine. See why QuietSource is the go-to backup power system for large or custom homes.

Quieter, Greener, More Powerful

Engineered to run at only 1800 rpm for substantially quieter performance, he low-speed, liquid-cooled engine on the QuietSource Series packs more power into a smaller footprint than air-cooled models. Enjoy reduced fuel consumption, and long engine and alternator life.

Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring

Mobile Link is the cellular remote monitoring system from Generac that lets you check on your generator’s status even when you are away using your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Sold separately.

Continuous Fuel Choice

Run your QuietSource home backup generator on your home's existing natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel supply.

Nexus™ Controller

Easily control generator diagnostics and get information at a glance with Generac's user-friendly Nexus™ Controller.


Thanks to Quiet-Test, your QuietSource Series home backup generator runs its weekly self-test at an even lower RPM. It’s quieter than other brands, and consumes even less fuel.

Durable Aluminum Enclosure

Aluminum provides the ultimate protection from the elements. And our durable powder-coat finish system that evenly joins paint particles to the metal surface provides consistent coverage. Both provide exceptional protection on both the generator enclosure and the base frame.

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