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New Home Backup Products


Bring backup power to your home affordably and automatically with the new PowerPact standby generator. A portable generator is not your only option for power outage emergencies. The PowerPact is an economical alternative, without the hassles of power cords and refueling.

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7 kW PowerPact

Exceptional Fuel Efficiency. Uncommonly Quiet Operation. Cleanest Power.

Traditional home standby generators have to run at a constant speed—traditionally 3600 RPMs—to produce usable electricity. Patented G-Flex technology from Generac changes all of that. It allows the Generac Synergy home standby generator to vary its speed based upon electrical demand. Using only a few lights and the TV? The generator will run slower—and quieter—than if you’re using more appliances, perhaps when cooking dinner or doing laundry. It will also consume less fuel when electricity demand is light, saving you money. Even better, G-Flex Technology delivers electricity with less than 2.0% total harmonic distortion (THD)—lower even than the IEEE  standards for utility power—to properly power your sophisticated modern electronics and sensitive appliances.

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Whether you're off grid by choice or necessity, you're responsible for the production of the energy you consume. Even when there’s no sun or wind, your batteries continue to deliver electricity. Unless you have a backup power system in place, your battery bank will drain. Generac engineered the EcoGen home backup generator as the first automatic backup generator warranted for off-grid use when used in an alternative energy system. It integrates easily into your existing inverter and battery storage system. And it runs on your existing LP fuel supply.

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22 kW

Gives you more power for less dollars

As the leader in the standby generator market, Generac continues to deliver innovation and value.  Our new Guardian Series 22kW backup generator, the industry’s largest air-cooled generator available, provides home and business owners with the best value per kilowatt available in the market today. Until now, this amount of power was only available in more expensive commercial liquid-cooled generators.

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New Home Backup Products

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