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Living in a remote and heavily wooded area in Atlanta, Ga., Robert W. and his wife have experienced many power outages over the past 34 years. While renovating their home nearly two years ago, the couple decided to protect their home from future utility failures by having a Generac 8 kW automatic standby generator installed at the same time. Fueled by natural gas, the home standby generator now provides a convenient backup power solution that Robert said saves him and his wife time and effort.

“I never have to worry about refueling it,” he said. “We have had two portable generators in the past 20 years that provided critical power when needed. Not having to set up the portable generator cables anymore is a major relief.”

With their home protected from the negative impact of a local power outage, Robert and his wife now rest easy knowing their most important loads will remain powered at all times.

“Since its installation, it has reliably turned on every time we’ve lost power,” Robert said. “The automatic standby generator backs up the refrigerator, freezer, furnace fan, small hot water heater, Internet gateway, TV, garage, microwave, ceiling fans, lights and electrical outlets. One of the outages lasted for one-and-a-half days!”

To add to the peace of mind the Generac home standby generator has given Robert and his wife, Generac’s network of independent authorized dealers and service providers have helped put their minds at ease, as well.

“Recently, a Generac dealer performed our first maintenance,” Robert said. “The service tech changed the oil and filter, refilled it with synthetic oil, serviced the battery and checked and set the valve lash. He [also] explained the control panel operation and answered all my questions.”

Now safeguarded by a reliable backup power system and dependable service providers in his area, Robert said he is more than comfortable with his decision to purchase a product that will help ensure he and his wife can live a comfortable and stress-free life at home.

“I am very confident that our Generac generator is a good investment that will continue to provide reliable backup power for many years to come”.

To find out what others have to say about our automatic standby generators, view our customer product reviews. You can also catch our monthly Testimonial Thursday highlights on Facebook, which cover a wide variety of consumer feedback.


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