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Enhancing Outdoor Festivities with the GP2200i

Enhancing Outdoor Festivities with the GP2200i

Throughout the year, we celebrate great weather, weekend getaways and a variety of festivities with friends and family. Even as the onset of fall approaches, countless sports fans, partygoers and avid campers gather for road trips, tailgates and cookouts across the country. And while it may be nice to simply enjoy sunshine and good company, there’s a portable power innovation helping outdoor enthusiasts take their experiences to the next level.

Thanks to the cutting edge features and dependable performance of Generac’s GP2200i portable inverter generator, devoted sports fans and nature buffs alike are able to provide power to sensitive electronics and appliances without disturbing the party, neighbors or surrounding wildlife. Let’s explore this portable power innovation, its noteworthy features and the many ways in which it can enhance your outdoor experience in the fall as well as the rest of the year.

Easy to Transport and Operate

Weighing less than 50 lbs., Generac’s GP2200i features a compact and lightweight design that offers easy mobility for numerous application sites, including camp grounds, local parks, backyards and stadium parking lots. Equipped with an integrated Off/Run/Choke knob, starting the GP2200i is simple, making startup quick and painless.
Ideal for Sensitive Loads

By using True Power™ Technology, the GP2200i is able to provide clean, stable power that sensitive electronics, tools and appliances need to operate safely. In addition to a set of 120-Volt duplex outlets, the unit also features a 12 VDC and 1.5-amp USB receptacle, allowing you to power everything from computers and digital sound systems to coffeemakers and chargers for smart phones or tablets.
Smart and Efficient

As a part of its operation capabilities, the GP2200i features a valuable Economy Mode, which helps to reduce fuel consumption rates, offer extended run times and reduce noise emissions for sound-sensitive environments. Between the generator’s quiet operation and the entertainment of outdoor festivities, it can be easy to forget that the GP2200i is even running. That’s why Generac added status lights to the unit’s control panel. These informative features keep users informed about power usage, low oil levels and potential overloads. While portable generators should be periodically monitored during operation, these innovative components help users avoid operational issues and subsequent damage when powering electronics for extended periods of time.
Expandable Power

Whether you’re entertaining a large group or operating demanding loads in an RV camper, you might need more power to operate all of your portable electronics and appliances. That’s why Generac designed and manufactured the GP2200i with paralleling capabilities. By using a parallel kit to connect two GP2200i units together, twice the power output can be at your disposal, which helps to ensure you have enough power for essential loads like RV air conditioners, cabin lights, blenders, cell phone chargers and more.
Boasting helpful alerts, quiet operation and enhanced power capabilities, Generac’s GP2200i portable inverter generator is a lightweight portable power solution that can improve your outdoor experience from the warmth of summer and throughout the winter cold.

Learn more about the GP2200i and review product specifications.


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