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When regions in the state of Georgia experienced extended outages caused by freezing temperatures and inclement weather last year, a lack of local utility power left Cathy Hakes and her husband without heat or running water. To make matters worse, the power requirements of their home’s critical loads far exceeded the output capabilities of the portable generator they already owned. Without an available alternative, Cathy and her husband were forced to wait in the cold until power was restored.

For nearly a week, they anticipated a return to utility service. While checking into a local hotel was always an option for warmth, Cathy and her husband knew they needed a long-term solution to protect their home from unexpected outages in the future. With frozen pipes ready to burst and imminent damage threatening their home, Cathy and her husband made the decision to protect their belongings by investing in a reliable home standby power system.

“After suffering through six days of freezing cold… we made the decision to purchase a Generac 22-kilowatt automatic standby generator,” Cathy explained.

After their new unit was installed by an independent authorized dealer in their local area, Cathy expressed finding comfort in knowing the unit would not only respond when outages occurred, but also exercise on a weekly basis to ensure it is always prepared to operate when needed most.

“I look forward to the weekly test runs, as they serve as a reminder that we are protected at all times.”

Cathy also went on to joke that her family’s dogs were just as thankful for the generator’s performance, particularly when their area is devastated by extreme cold.

“Skippy and Scooter are glad to have the Generac generator too,” she joked. “They don’t like getting into cold beds when the power goes out!”

With a dependable power source on hand and trained professionals nearby to complete any maintenance-related tasks, Cathy intends on sharing her positive experience with other homeowners.

“We now have peace of mind knowing our whole house is protected from power outages, and we can remain warm and comfortable,” she stated. “We will definitely recommend this unit to our friends and neighbors.”

For their safety and peace of mind, we hope she does.