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Customer Corner - Frank Russo

Customer Corner - Frank Russo


Living in Middletown, Connecticut, Frank Russo is no stranger to strong storms and subsequent power outages. When he purchased Generac’s 17kW Guardian Series automatic standby generator in the summer of 2009, he knew he was making a wise investment that would protect his home from the negative impact of an extended utility failure.

“(My generator) has started every Saturday for its weekly exercise since the day it was installed,” Frank explains. “And it has powered my home through many outages.”

Each weekly exercise not only ensures Frank’s generator is prepared to operate when the next outage occurs, but it also provides the unit an opportunity to identify any issues or maintenance requirements that need to be addressed. Thanks to Frank being an attentive owner, however, his unit has never experienced any issues stemming from a lack of product upkeep.

“I highly recommend following Generac’s guide to maintenance,” he urges other users.
The importance of properly maintaining an automatic standby generator was never more evident to Frank than when Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast back in 2012. While many neighbors scrambled to gather emergency supplies and others left town to stay with friends and relatives in anticipation of extended outages, Frank and his family sat comfortably at home, knowing that they had a reliable backup power source protecting their priority loads. And when outages hit, the generator didn’t let them down.

“My generator ran for over three days straight, providing power to everything from our alarm system to central air conditioning.”

While over 630,000 Connecticut residents were affected by power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy, Frank’s generator provided his home with the power he and his family needed to live life as usual. Both convenient and reliable, Frank noted that the unit has continued to perform admirably even after years of operation.

“(The generator) has never failed to start or run,” Frank gushed. “It has proven itself to my family over and over again.”

As storms and outages are as unpredictable as ever, something tells us Frank and his family will only continue to benefit from the protection their automatic standby generator provides for years to come.