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In December of 2012, Lenny Oddo became the proud owner of a Generac 14kW Guardian® Series automatic standby generator. Living in New Jersey, Lenny is no stranger to power loss; from 2012-2015, New Jersey experienced over 700 outages. In 2015 alone, nearly 400,000 New Jersey residents were impacted by power outages. In fact, some homeowners spent nearly 70 hours without power last year.

Lenny no longer wanted to worry about power outages, so he took control of his power and his life by purchasing a Generac automatic standby generator.
“Owning (a generator) is not a luxury; it is a necessity,” said Lenny. “After 10 seconds of (utility power) loss, my Generac comes online, and I have power. My neighbors see my lights on, and I simply tell them ‘GET ONE’. It is a nice feeling to know you will never be in the dark again.”

While the generator provides a standby power source when utility outages occur, Generac’s remote monitoring system continuously tracks his generator’s status. With this convenient future, Lenny is able to stay on top of the unit’s servicing needs and maintenance requirements to ensure the generator’s optimal performance.
Lenny has also enlisted the help of his local Generac dealer, who provides maintenance services twice a year. With professional support readily available, and the convenience of remote monitoring at his fingertips, Lenny and his loved ones can rest peacefully, knowing that their generator will be there for them when they need it most.

“My family always says, ‘We are coming to you when we lose power.”

Lucky for them, Lenny has invested in an automatic standby generator that allows him to protect his home, belongings, and most importantly, his family.

Lenny Oddo’s 14kW unit sits on a concrete slab just outside his home

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