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Throughout the winter, an automatic standby generator can help ensure your home’s appliances are adequately powered to avoid the threats freezing temperatures and inclement weather can pose to your house and family. But for Matt G., having a standby power source installed at his home is vital — not only to the well-being of his family, but also their financial welfare.
Living in Lapeer, MI, Matt is all too familiar with the negative effects power failures can have on his neighborhood. From furnaces and sump pumps to water heaters and alternative appliances, power outages can compromise the availability of common indoor amenities. Given the propensity of utility power in his area to fail, we recently caught up with Matt to find out what makes having a standby power source available to his home so important:
“We purchased our 20 kW generator in April 2014 due to frequent and extended power outages in our area,” he explained. “My wife works from a home office, (and) the generator gives us confidence and security knowing she can keep working (for a) complete paycheck.”
In addition to knowing the generator will always keep his wife in business, Matt also cited the positive experiences other family members have had with Generac home standby products over the years as a factor that contributed to his decision to invest in a backup power source that gives him and his family peace of mind.
“Generac is well-known in our family — both my parents and in-laws have 17 kW whole-home Generac generators,” he continued. “We love being able to use the complete functionality of our house (i.e. lights, washing machine, air conditioning, TVs, computers, etc.) during power outages… Hands down, the Generac generator has been the best investment we have made for our home.”
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