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For most homeowners, spring time can be a very exciting time of year. As your home and surrounding landscape slowly thaws out and the last bits of ice and snow melt away, the look of your home can transform in a matter of days, which can leave it looking disheveled and unkempt. When eyesores like salt deposits, dirt and grime are left behind in the wake of winter, you know it’s time to begin spring cleaning.

As daunting as these annual chores and cleaning tasks may seem, many homeowners have turned to Generac pressure washers to complete their weekly chores and “honey-do” lists. Take Generac pressure washer owner Matt K., for example. In hopes of simplifying the process required for cleaning his home, he depended on the power of his Generac residential-grade pressure washer to tackle a large portion of his spring cleaning tasks in 2016.

“This pressure washer packs a punch,” Matt said. “I did the gutters — inside and out — siding, sidewalks, patio, windows and stone walls. It stripped off 30 years of tree sap and road grime from my driveway with ease. I even put together a free-form art project on the front driveway that really demonstrates the immense power of this machine.”

The fact that Matt took the time to demonstrate and document the precision and force his Generac pressure washer can provide indicates the gratification he receives from putting his new investment to work.

“Once you start this thing up, you’ll pressure wash your entire house, limited only by the amount of gas in your gas can,” he said. “Pressure washing isn’t a chore — it’s an adventure!”