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Enhancing Outdoor Activities with Generac’s iQ2000 Portable Inverter Generator

Enhancing Outdoor Activities with Generac’s iQ2000 Portable Inverter Generator


New features provide helpful feedback in all environments

It’s that time of year again. Football season is just kicking off, and the last few weeks of warmer weather are beginning to dwindle away. However, that doesn’t mean your opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors has slipped away as well. Despite cooler temperatures, many choose to spend the fall and winter months enjoying the great outdoors. From tailgating with friends and family to hunting and fishing remotely, more and more people are venturing away from the comfort of their homes, weathering the elements, supporting their favorite sports teams and embracing beloved hobbies. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? What if you could participate in outdoor activities while still enjoying the conveniences of home? With Generac’s iQ2000 portable inverter generator, you can.
Compact and lightweight, the iQ2000 is equipped with a bevy of features that enhance outdoor festivities and ensure a long-lasting ownership experience. Let’s explore how the iQ2000’s innovative features can improve your next tailgating, hunting or fishing experience.


Tailgating is an event reserved for supporting your favorite teams and enjoying good food, cold drinks and the company of fellow fans. From blenders and slow cookers to heating pads and televisions, there is no shortage of appliances and electronics required for the ultimate pregame experience. While the iQ2000 can provide up to 1,600 watts of continuous power, its unique PowerBar™ monitors and instantly displays wattage used, so you can tell how much power your electric grill is using and how much power remains for additional loads.

Hunting and Fishing

To compliment the PowerBar, the iQ2000 also features a Run-Time Remaining display, which shows owners how long they have before refueling is required. If the PowerBar shows that a large load has been placed on the unit and limited run time is available, owners know that it’s time to either refuel for larger load requirements or swap out the larger load for one with a lower output demand. For instance, if you’re using a small refrigerator or freezer to keep your catch fresh, and the Run-Time Remaining display indicates your unit is low on fuel as the end of your day approaches, you may want to opt for a less demanding load like a phone charger to ensure you are able to call for help if you get lost in the woods or run into an unexpected emergency on the water.
Those worried about a portable inverter generator being too loud for use when hunting should consider the benefits of the iQ2000’s idle control switch as well. This handy feature allows users to easily toggle between three modes of operation (Turbo, Standard and Economy) to save fuel and reduce noise. Utilizing this switch to limit the product’s sound output allows users to avoid disturbing surrounding wildlife and others close by while conserving fuel that might otherwise go to waste.

Additionally, Generac’s iQ2000 also features status indicators that alert owners when its fuel or oil levels are low, or if the unit is overloaded or overheating. These alerts can help owners detect product issues early on, allowing them to address maintenance needs before the unit is rendered inoperable.
Best of all, if you’re worried that one generator won’t provide enough power for your portable power needs, parallel-ready outlets allow iQ2000 users to connect two inverter generators for twice the power with an iQ2000 parallel kit. So, the next time you plan on venturing outside this fall and winter season, consider the benefits of bringing an iQ2000 along for a safer and more comfortable experience than ever before.