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Generac Enhances Cellular Remote Monitoring System, Mobile Link™

Generac Enhances Cellular Remote Monitoring System, Mobile Link™


Generac recently upgraded its cellular remote monitoring system, Mobile Link, which now features a new function that provides customers with extra protection. In addition, the monitoring system’s website and mobile application were redesigned to elevate the customer experience. 

New Functionality
Generac enhanced its industry-leading control and monitoring system with the addition of a dealer management function called the Customer Dashboard. Authorized dealers can receive real-time alerts from generators equipped with Mobile Link. If a generator requires service, dealers are notified immediately through their customer dashboard, which allows them to proactively schedule an appointment to provide the necessary services. Previously, only homeowners could check the status of their generator and receive notifications if the unit required maintenance. This required the owner to set up notification, monitor the status via PC, tablet or cellphone, and contact the dealer to schedule an appointment if needed. With the new function, homeowners now have a choice to either monitor their system, have a dealer monitor for them, or both.

Redesigned Website and Mobile Application
Existing Mobile Link owners will notice a difference when they log into the website to check on their generator. The site was recently renamed from While the basic functionality remains the same, the site has been redesigned with a more appealing, moderngraphic design to enhance the experience users have.

The Mobile Link app for iOS® and Android™ devices also received an upgrade to improve usability. Clicking on a photo of the customer’s generator grants access to a unit’s details, such as model and serial number. The app’s background display corresponds to generator alert status, with green meaning the generator is ready to operate, blue for when the unit is running, yellow when the generator requires maintenance, and red when the generator experiences a fault and requires immediate attention. The app now supports multiple generator locations for customers owning more than one automatic backup generator as well. The Mobile Link app is free, and this latest update is available for download on the iTunes® App Store, Google Play™ and the Amazon Appstore.

With both platforms – website or mobile app – homeowners can check the status of the generator, view maintenance reminders or alerts, set notification preferences and exercise schedule, and get information on their generator, including model and serial number, and the unit description.

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