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Generac Introduces Innovative Powerdial™ Control Pressure Washer

Generac Introduces Innovative Powerdial™ Control Pressure Washer


The exclusive PowerDial feature simplifies residential cleaning tasks, putting the user in complete control

Generac is pleased to introduce its new residential 2000-3000PSI Variable Pressure Washer. The unit features Generac’s innovative PowerDial, which allows users to easily control pressure settings, enhancing usability and providing the necessary versatility to clean a variety of surfaces without having to use multiple units.

Generac’s unique PowerDial has four adjustable settings that allow users to clean virtually any surface – from cars and boats, to brick and concrete. Users can easily turn the PowerDial to select the appropriate PSI for their cleaning job, no matter how tough or delicate. In a matter of seconds, owners can go from cleaning a car at 2000PSI to blasting dirt and grime off concrete at 3000PSI.

Generac applied many features to the Variable Pressure Washer that have proven popular on its other pressure washers. For example, the spray gun features a soft grip for comfort, and an easy-to-pull inverted trigger design that requires minimum effort; both reduce fatigue during prolonged use. Additionally, the Generac overhead valve (OHV) horizontal shaft engine makes the pump more accessible by positioning it well above the ground so users can easily make hose connections, and the fuel tank is up to three-times larger than most competitive units.

Other notable features include:

  • CARB compliant engine, approved for sale in California
  • Equipped with never-flat wheels for ease of transportation
  • 25-foot non-marring high pressure hose to avoid kinks and damage
  • Folding frame for easy transportation and storage

The 2000-3000PSI Variable Pressure Washer is available at participating retailers and dealers for just $399. Click here to find the nearest dealer or retailer, or visit for more information.