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Generac Introduces the PowerPact™

Generac Introduces the PowerPact™


Generac has the solution if you’re tired of dragging out your portable generator during extended power outages, but aren’t prepared to invest in a whole-house backup generator system.

Introducing the PowerPact – a 7kW automatic home backup generator with an 8-circuit transfer switch that can provides power to essential circuits, such as refrigerators, well pumps, and other select appliances. Starting at just $1,899, PowerPact is an affordable choice for consumers looking to graduate from portable generator power to automatic home backup power.

PowerPact is easy to install given its lightweight and compact footprint, but more importantly, it features a galvanneal steel enclosure, perfect for all weather conditions, and has the ability to withstand 150 mph winds. It also meets the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements for installation as close as 18 inches away from the home, unless otherwise directed by local building codes, and if it is also located away from doors, windows and fresh air intakes. With such flexibility, homeowners have the luxury of placing the unit in a variety of locations to meet both structural and landscaping requirements.

Generac’s cellular remote monitoring system, Mobile Link™, is also compatible with PowerPact. Mobile Link allows homeowners to view the status or maintenance requirements of the generator using a smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.  It also allows owners to receive push notifications to indicate status changes and arrange to share notifications with their dealer, and has an iOS® and Android™ app that is free and downloadable for customers on the iTunes® App Store, Google Play™ and the Amazon Appstore.

Click here to learn more about PowerPact or here to locate a dealer near you.