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High Waters: Quick Tips for Protecting your Home and Preventing Flood Damage This Spring

High Waters: Quick Tips for Protecting your Home and Preventing Flood Damage This Spring


While the spring season signals the return of warmer weather and greener scenery, these seasonal changes can increase flood risks for countless homeowners across the nation. From fast-developing runoffs caused by melting snow to heavy rains that can cause lakes, streams, rivers and ponds to overflow, a multitude of natural events can trigger flooding, which can threaten your safety, damage your home and affect your pocketbook.
Even just a few inches of standing water can cost you thousands in property damage.
To minimize this threat, many homeowners are taking measures to prevent damage incurred when flooding is likely to occur. Here are a few helpful tips:

Move Important or Valuable Items to Higher Ground
While it’s nearly impossible to prevent your entire home from taking on approaching flood waters, you can prepare for the worst by placing valuable items on raised surfaces or upper floors in your home. By moving furniture, electronics and sentimental keepsakes to areas where water is unlikely to reach, you can reduce the extent of a flood’s damaging effects to the lower floors and walls of their home.   

Add Flood Coverage to Your Homeowners’ Insurance Policy
Flood damage is rarely included in standard homeowners’ insurance policies. In most cases, flood coverage can cost $100-$600 annually. As you can incur thousands in repair costs when water floods your basement, many consider this additional coverage a great way to safeguard their homes and bank accounts from unexpected flooding. To get a quote for flood insurance, contact your insurance provider.

Remove Saturated Items As Soon As Possible
When items in your home retain moisture, they become more susceptible to damage and decay. In just one short day, mold can develop and wreak havoc on your flooring and personal possessions if you neglect to remove, clean, and disinfect each item that comes into contact with contaminated flood waters. Reduce health risks and minimize overall property loss by removing saturated items as soon as flooding occurs.

While the aforementioned tips can help you minimize the physical and financial burden flooding can place on your home, they fail to address one issue — once the water is in your home, how do you get it out? Generac designs and manufactures clean water pumps as well as trash and semi-trash pumps that can remove water and debris quickly to limit damage to your home when flooding occurs. Best of all, these dependable products are also great for draining swimming pools, hot tubs, residential ponds and/or fields.
To learn which of Generac’s pumps best fit your flood maintenance and home improvement needs, explore our current product models.