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How to Pressure Wash Patio Furniture

How to Pressure Wash Patio Furniture


Cleaning patio furniture with your pressure washer is a quick and simple way to get your outdoor space ready to host an event.

How to clean your patio furniture:

Place your furniture on a stable, durable surface like a driveway or concrete patio away from your home or other items that could be damaged. Cleaning the furniture on a wood deck is not recommended as the wood could be damaged by the high pressure stream if you get too close.

Setup your pressure washer, remembering to connect and turn on the water before starting it. If your furniture is very dirty or stained, a detergent can be used to improve your cleaning results.

  • To use detergent, connect the siphon hose to the chemical inlet on the pump and submerge the filter end into the detergent.
  • Connect the black detergent spray tip and cover the area with soap.
  • Use a scrub brush and hot soapy water to pre-treat difficult stains.
  • Rinse the detergent off before it dries.

The 40 degree rinse nozzle (white tip) is ideal for delicate cleaning tasks like patio furniture.

Begin spraying and moving from the top down to keep dirt moving downwards as you flush it away.

Rinse thoroughly.


  • Be careful not to use too aggressive of a spray pattern or get too close
  • Furniture could be damaged if you get too close or use a nozzle tip that is too powerful.