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How to Protect Your Home Standby Generator This Winter

How to Protect Your Home Standby Generator This Winter


For automatic standby generator owners, ensuring your unit is prepared for operation at all times is of the utmost importance, particularly during the winter months. When proper maintenance is not scheduled, subsequent issues may occur. Whether you want to prevent your pipes from freezing or ensure your family stays warm when power isn’t available to your home’s heating system, following these preventative steps will help keep your generator ready for unexpected outages when extremely low temperatures and inclement weather compromise the availability of utility power in your community.

Provide Enough Clearance

Clear accumulated snowfall from the sides and top of your unit to provide at least five (5) feet of clearance at all times. Doing so can keep your generator from overheating during operation and will prevent ice build-up on the generator’s enclosure and internal parts. Failure to provide the amount of clearance required for the optimal operation of your product can cause issues that may render an automatic standby generator inoperable.

Use the Right Oil

As automatic standby generators are permanently installed and designed to operate in all climates, when properly maintained, ensuring the unit is always filled with fresh oil is highly recommended. While brand new units should be filled with SAE 30 conventional oil during the unit’s initial break-in period, it’s important to note that 5W-30 synthetic oil should be utilized in areas in which cold temperatures (below 32°F) are commonly experienced. Considering this, we recommend switching to 5W-30 synthetic oil during the winter months as soon as the unit’s break-in period has passed.
For a complete list of maintenance requirements that pertain to your personal generator, use your model number to search for your product’s documentation online.
Install a Cold Weather Kit

In addition to utilizing the right oil weight for your local climate, installing a cold weather kit in areas where temperatures commonly fall below freezing (32°F) is also recommended. Featuring a thermostatically controlled battery pad warmer and oil crankcase heater, these kits are designed to ensure the simple startup of a Generac air-cooled automatic standby generator (8-22 kW) in cold temperature environments. 

To enhance your product’s performance and simplify the process required for maintaining your automatic standby generator, find accessories for your personal unit online. If you have any questions or require assistance, our representatives are available 24/7 at 888-GENERAC (436-3722).