Whether you’re tailgating for the big game, hosting a celebration, or enjoying a weekend camping trip, there are multiple ways to enjoy warmer weather with friends and family this summer. However, a variety of factors can determine the overall success of each outdoor experience. From music and food selection to having the right tools on hand, it’s important that you’re adequately prepared to feed, entertain and enjoy your company. Follow this guide for helpful ideas and ways in which you can improve your future outdoor activities!

Bring Enough for Everyone

Identify how many people you’ll be with, and make sure you have enough food, utensils and seating for everyone invited. No one likes to stand while the rest sit comfortably, and there’s always someone who will eat one more burger or serving of potato salad!

Be Mindful of What People Eat

It’s tough to please everyone, but pairing your meat and chips with a few veggie burgers and fruit can go a long way when you’re trying to satisfy everyone’s hunger. The same goes for beverages; while some may reach for a soda or beer, others may simply prefer a bottle of water.

Having the Right Tools on Hand

When you’re away from the convenience of in-home amenities, it’s important to remember all of the tools required for preparing meals and snacks. From grills or griddles to food blenders and cooking utensils, make a list of what you’ll need, and pack everything the night before—you’ll be less likely to forget something that way!

Choosing the Right Sound Level

Sometimes, a little music is all you need to energize a social environment. However, it’s important that you’re mindful of your guests and neighbors before turning up the volume. Whether you’re bringing your own guitar or setting up a small stereo system, keep the sound low enough for conversation. Your guests and others enjoying the outdoors nearby will appreciate it.

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