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Improvements to Home Standby Generators Enhance Ownership Experience for Generac Owners

Improvements to Home Standby Generators Enhance Ownership Experience for Generac Owners


In today’s world, having a backup power source is a luxury for some and a necessity for others. For those who choose to protect their home and family from the negative effects of extended power outages, choosing a reliable generator that is easy to use and maintain is paramount. Knowing this, our goal at Generac is to constantly design, develop and manufacture backup power products that our consumers can depend on.

Over time, we’ve redeveloped our home standby product line to accommodate the evolving needs of our consumers. From creating easy-to-use controls to simplifying product maintenance requirements, our goal is to introduce new innovations to the market that improve the ownership experience for our customers year after year. Having recently released new Guardian Series automatic standby generator models in 2016, it should come as no surprise that we’ve made a few key improvements that provide homeowners with a seamless ownership experience while saving them money in the process:

Enclosure Enhancements

At first glance, our new enclosures resemble those of our previous air-cooled automatic standby generator models. However, a few key adjustments have made product features more accessible, simplifying maintenance requirements and operation procedures in the process.

  • Improved Lock Geometry/Door Accessibility: Our new enclosures have been modified to eliminate interference between the unit’s latch and roof sub-structure. These modifications have simplified the process required for unlocking and opening the roofs of our tough, durable, all-aluminum enclosures.
  • New Breaker Location: Previously located on the enclosure’s exterior, we have moved breakers on our new units to the inside of the enclosure just above the controller. This new location makes measuring fuel pressure, making AC connections and accessing the unit’s battery compartment easier than ever before.
  • Integrated Sediment Trap: A factory-installed sediment trap, which is built into the generator itself, will save time and money that would otherwise be allocated to installing one during the installation process.

Enhanced Controls

Each of our new Guardian Series models features an Evolution controller with a multilingual LCD display, which offers a variety of smart, user-friendly controls:

  • Low-Speed Exercise Mode: By operating at a lower engine speed during the unit’s weekly exercise, our new Guardian Series units minimize fuel consumption rates and reduce sound output levels.
  • Cold Smart Start: Our new algorithm provides the generator and engine extra time to warm up in extreme cold, improving product operation in freezing temperatures.
  • True Power™ Technology: Standard in all models, Generac’s True Power Technology delivers best-in-class power quality with less than 5 percent total harmonic distortion to facilitate the clean and smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances.

Cost Reductions

Increasing the value of your home and protecting those you love is less expensive than ever before thanks to reduced pricing associated with these select products and accessories:

  • Transfer Switch Installation: The cost of installing an integrated automatic transfer switch is free on select generator models.
  • Cold Weather Kits: Designed to keep the unit’s crankcase and battery warm during extremely low temperatures, our Cold Weather Kits are UL listed for improved quality, and we’ve lowered the price of this particular accessory to make it more affordable than ever before.

As we continue to create innovative automatic standby systems for homeowners seeking a reliable backup power solution that can protect their home, belongings and loved ones, these product improvements provide consumers with a viable option they can depend on year after year. Our commitment to improving our product lines enhances the ownership experience for our customers and continues to make Generac the trusted industry leader in backup power generation.
Learn more about our products and acquire specifications for select generator models or call 888-GENERAC (436-3722) for further assistance.