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Location, location, location...

Location, location, location...


When it comes to generator selection and installation, so much depends on your unique needs and your home’s configuration. Just like there’s no “one size fits all” for appropriately sizing a generator, there are also multiple factors to consider when determining the ideal installation site. For that reason, we’ve assembled these guidelines to make the process easier and to ensure your chosen location meets appropriate zoning requirements.

Codes: Most municipalities will require a permit to install a standby generator. Visit your local buildings department and/or contact a local inspector to ensure the approval of your desired installation site.

Utilities: An easy way to save money on the cost of installing a generator is to place the generator closer to your electric meter and fuel supply line.

Sound: Featuring sound attenuated enclosures, Generac’s air-cooled automatic standby generators are quieter than a portable generator, making placement closer to the home an applicable option when determining your desired installation site.

Weather: While Generac’s standby generators are designed to protect the unit from precipitation, it is important to protect each unit from flooded areas. Choosing an installation site that is well-drained and unsusceptible to accumulated rainfall or runoffs is recommended.

Compliance: Generators can be placed no closer than 3 feet from meters, A/C units, combustibles, or anything serviceable. If located away from doors, windows, and fresh air intakes, the back of the generator can be placed as close as 18 inches from the home, unless otherwise dictated by local codes. Working with an authorized Generac dealer will help to ensure all of the proper clearances are provided for optimal operation.

Upkeep: In addition to the clearance requirements provided above, at least 36 inches of space is recommended in front of the unit to leave enough space for a technician to perform maintenance and service-related tasks.

For even more tips and things to consider when buying an automatic standby generator system, see our FREE buyers guide.