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New SPEEDWASH™ Residential Pressure Washers Reduce Time and Effort

New SPEEDWASH™ Residential Pressure Washers Reduce Time and Effort


For most homeowners, maintaining the clean appearance of their home and surrounding landscape is of the utmost importance. However, finding time to complete home cleaning tasks is not always easy. From driveways and sidewalks to vehicles and the siding of your home, keeping your belongings looking pristine can prove to be a time-consuming task. That’s why Generac developed their new SpeedWash residential pressure washers.
With models rated up to 3200 PSI, these new units make pressure washing faster and easier than ever before.

PowerDial™ Gun

Generac’s innovative PowerDial Gun allows you to adjust the SpeedWash output pressure based upon what you are trying to clean, such as automobiles, concrete paths and wood surfaces. This innovative technology is designed to help prevent unintended surface damage and reduce the amount of time required for each cleaning task. When attached to a new SpeedWash Series pressure washer, the PowerDial Gun conveniently places the ability to adjust cleaning power at your fingertips.

Included Cleaning Attachments

Further accelerating the cleaning process is Generac’s decision to include as system of unique cleaning attachments with the SpeedWash instead of making them available as aftermarket accessories.

Turbo Nozzle

In the past, pressure washer owners have struggled to remove stubborn dirt and grime from some of the toughest application sites. Not anymore. The Turbo Nozzle uses a rotating pinpoint stream to lift filth from some of the most porous surfaces — including brick, siding and concrete paths — reducing cleaning time by up to 30 percent.

Soap Blaster

The Soap Blaster nozzle can spray soap with three times the force of standard soap nozzles. It also agitates the soap spray for better stain penetration and cleaning power.

Power Broom

Available only on the 3200 PSI SpeedWash model, Generac’s Power Broom attachment features four high-pressure nozzles that provide a cleaning path 12 in. wide, helping you clean decks, patios and walkways up to four times faster than standard pressure washers. With a durable housing that minimizes overspray and solid molded wheels that allow the broom to move smoothly, you’ll be done with your list of cleaning tasks before you know it.
Backed by a three-year limited warranty, Generac’s new SpeedWash Series pressure washers are also equipped with a 30-ft. high pressure flex hose — one of the most flexible in the industry — as well as an on-board detergent tank.

Learn more about the many ways a Speed Wash series pressure washer can reduce the amount of time you spend completing your spring cleaning tasks this year.