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New XC Series Portable Generators Bring Reliable Power to Heavy-Duty Work Sites

New XC Series Portable Generators Bring Reliable Power to Heavy-Duty Work Sites

Portable generators come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These mobile power solutions are often intended for use at home, on remote campsites or during outdoor festivities. But when it comes to today’s work site professionals, the majority of construction and excavation workers need a portable power solution that is as tough and dependable as they are. That’s why Generac has introduced its new XC Series of portable generators. Equipped with rugged features and capable of producing best-in-class power quality for work site tools and equipment throughout all four seasons, XC Series generators serve as Generac’s most durable portable generator line to date for professional applications.

Powered by Generac’s new G-Force 426 cc engine, XC Series units operate over 16% more efficiently than alternative models featuring competitive engines*. All models boast nine-gallon fuel tanks protected by 12-gauge steel tubing. True Power™ Technology also ensures the unit produces especially clean power, making each model ideal for the smooth operation of today’s sensitive electronics, tools and appliances. From concrete vibrators and circular saws to air compressors, welders and submersible pumps, the XC Series provides the power you need to operate your tools and get the job done.
*As measured in competitive tests of Generac’s G-Force Engine on an hp/L basis at 3600 rpm.

Protection and Mobility

In addition to rough terrain and raised surfaces, many heavy-duty work sites are also riddled with dirt and debris. Generac designed each XC Series generator to feature covered outlets that safeguard control panel receptacles from dirt and grime. While the G-Force engine’s full-pressure lubrication reduces wear of engine components and promotes a longer product life, 10-in. solid wheels offer easy transportation in most settings when using the dual grip folding handle. For applications above ground level, each unit also features a steel lifting pocket for safe and easy transportation using a crane or telehandler. These sturdy features make XC Series units a viable option for any professional work site.
Ease of Use & Maintenance

Construction sites are often fast-paced environments where equipment uptime is a must. That’s why Generac’s XC Series generators are equipped with a number of easy-to-access maintenance points. From filters and spark plugs to each unit’s tool-less oil drain, maintenance providers need not remove the fuel tank or panels to provide maintenance. These parts and accessories are easily accessible to save time and effort.
XC Series generators are also equipped with an hour meter to track product runtime for maintenance purposes, full-panel ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection to ensure secure operation and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance, and idle control to conserve fuel and reduce noise. Select models also feature electric start capabilities for hassle-free startup. Oversized touch points allow workers to interact with the generator’s control panel without having to remove protective gloves. When working in an environment in which uptime and the well-being of workers is of the utmost importance, XC Series generators provide the convenience and innovative features needed to complete the job safely and on time.
Available in 6500- and 8000-watt models, Generac’s XC Series portable generators are now available to work site professionals seeking a reliable solution for the toughest jobs their industry has to offer.
To obtain more information and product specifications, visit the XC Series portable generators page today.