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Prepare Before the Storm

Prepare Before the Storm


The winter storm season started early this year. Much of the nation experienced record-breaking cold temps in November, usually what you would typically see in January.  And the Buffalo, New York area was hit with over 7 feet of snow. With the weather unpredictably severe and power outages happening more frequently, it’s become clear that preparing before a storm hits is a necessity.

Having a backup power system is essential to keep your family safe and comfortable during storms and other disasters that cause extended power outages. In many case though, families wait until it’s too late to secure a backup power system. Often, immediately after a  storm, retailers can be sold out, or dealers are scheduled out for weeks. Being prepared before the storm will negate hardship, stress and ease anxiety.

Regardless of which option you choose, backup power will be the key to keeping you and your family safe. Based on your power needs, learn more about what size generator you need to protect your home by clicking on the product category that interests you.

There are two types of backup power systems that a homeowner can invest in – portable backup power and automatic home backup power. What’s the difference?

Portable Generator
For less than $1,000, a portable generator can make sure the most important items—lights, refrigerators and freezers, sump pumps, even space heaters or window air conditioners—are up and running. They’re easy to operate in an emergency. Just add fuel, start the engine, and run extension cords to the most essential items.

Find the Right Size of Portable Generator for You

Automatic Home Backup Generator
An automatic home backup generator conveniently sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit, and delivers power directly to a home’s electrical system. When the utility loses power, the generator automatically turns on whether you’re home or away. It can back up your entire home or just the most essential items leaving you reassured that the power you need is getting where you need it. Theses generators run on either natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel so there isn’t a need to refuel as with a portable.

Find the Right Size of Automatic Home Backup Generator for You