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Putting Your Portable Generator to Good Use This Spring

Putting Your Portable Generator to Good Use This Spring


Whether you prefer to spend your free time tackling home improvement tasks, hosting outdoor events or enjoying the great outdoors, Generac works hard to design and manufacture a wide range of portable generator options designed to meet your unique power needs. Whether you already have a generator or are interested in purchasing one, identifying the right gen-set for you is the first step in optimizing your experience. To provide a little guidance, Generac has highlighted a few of the most common springtime activities and the generators best suited to them:

Spring Cleaning

When you’re using electric tools to complete your spring cleaning tasks, few things can be more frustrating and potentially dangerous than running extension cords all over your lawn and around your house.  A portable generator can help you avoid trips and falls while reducing the amount of time you spend making trips to and from outlets inside your home with extension cords.

Best Options: Generac XG and XP Series Portable Generators
From hedge trimmers and chainsaws to belts, sanders and weed eaters, Generac’s XG and XP Series portable generators are ideal for powering a variety of home maintenance tools. 

What Makes Them Great:

Low Oil Pressure Shutdown

When the unit’s oil level becomes too low, XG and XP Series models automatically shut down to safeguard the unit’s engine from damage.

Electric Start

Select XP and XG models feature electric start capabilities for startup with the push of a button.

High Continuous Output Power Ratings

Both XP and XG Series portable generators feature select models that provide up to 10,000 watts of continuous output power.

True Power™ Technology

Available only on XP Series models, True Power Technology allows the generator to provide especially clean electric power for the operation of sensitive electronics and tools.

Automatic Idle Control

Automatic idle control featured on XP Series models reduces engine speed when an electric load is not present to conserve fuel and reduce noise levels.


Even when enjoying the great outdoors, many campers enjoy having convenient household amenities at their disposal. However, without a dependable portable power source, you can’t use the appliances and cooking tools that let you bring bring a little bit of home to your campsite.

Best Option: iQ2000 Portable Inverter Generator
Generac has designed and manufactured a particularly good portable power option to meet this need without disturbing your campground neighbors or the wildlife around you: the iQ2000 inverter generator. Whether you’d like to power a griddle for pancakes in the morning, charge your cellphone to ensure emergency contacts are always in reach or simply run a box fan to stay cool during the midday heat, the iQ2000 is capable of powering a variety of loads that are commonly used on campsites.

What Makes It Great:

Ultra-Lightweight Design

Both light and compact, the iQ2000 features a built-in handle so you can carry it like a suitcase.

Turbo, Standard & Economy Modes

Three operation modes help conserve fuel and reduce sound output levels based on electric power demand.

Low Oil Level Shutdown

When the iQ2000’s oil level becomes too low, it automatically shuts down to safeguard the unit’s engine from damage.

Parallel Capabilities

Two iQ2000 units can be connected for twice the power output.

Clean Power

The iQ2000 is ideal for powering a variety of sensitive electrical tools and appliances.

Outdoor Events (Parties and Tailgates)

From hot food and cool drinks to music and lighting, electricity is needed to support a variety of outdoor events throughout the year. Whether you’re hosting a tailgate outside the stadium or throwing a birthday party at a local park, there’s a good chance you’ll need power no matter where your event takes place.

Best Options: Generac GP or LP Series Portable generators
If the items you’d like to keep powered exceed the power output capabilities of the aforementioned iQ2000, consider Generac’s GP or LP Series portable generators.

What Makes Them Great:

Diverse Fueling Options

Capable of powering a plethora of small appliances and cooking tools, GP Series units operate on gasoline, while LP Series units are designed to operate on a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) fuel source.

Electric Start

Select GP Series models feature electric start capabilities for hassle-free startup.

Regardless of the hobbies, events or outdoor maintenance tasks you intend on participating in this spring season and throughout the rest of the year, Generac has a portable generator that can perfectly fit your needs and ensure your outdoor activities are a hit. If you still need help narrowing down your portable power options, simply use our online portable generator sizer.

If you’d prefer the assistance of a trained professional, contact an independent authorized dealer or retailer in your area.