Vacation season is upon us. Whether you’re hoping to travel to a tropical resort or a cabin in the woods, your goal is to get away and spend quality time with loved ones. But before you can enjoy rest and relaxation, a little bit of planning is required to ensure your peace of mind while traveling. Follow these vacation planning tips from Generac to prepare for your extended time off and ensure the safety of your home while you are away.

#1: Setting Aside Time for Travel
The first step in vacation planning is determining when you will be able to hit the road. Identify your desired time away, and coordinate with those you plan on traveling with to find a time that works for everyone to take a break from their work and daily lives. Doing so will also give you enough time to search for house-sitters or alternative living arrangements for pets and children.

#2: Let Others Know Where You’ll Be
To ensure that your loved ones are able to reach you in the event of an emergency, provide your trip itinerary and contact information to friends and family prior to your departure.  Be sure to bring contact information for those that you may need to reach while you are away as well.

#3: When Packing…
Many travelers fail to proactively prepare for their journey. Avoid hastily throwing clothes and toiletries into a bag on the day of your trip. Make a list of all the items you would like to bring, and try to pack those items at least a day or two before you depart; doing so will leave you with enough time to remember something you may have initially forgotten. Also, putting your contact information on all your luggage will help to ensure that someone is able to reach you, or ship it back to you, if it is lost along the way.

#4 Who Will Watch Your House?
Breaking from the norm can be refreshing, but many fail to create a plan to keep things normal while they are away. Who will get the mail? Who will feed the dog? If you’re traveling without your children, where will they stay? To avoid last minute headaches, have your mail and newspaper deliveries put on hold, and create a plan to have your loved ones in a safe place while you are gone.

#5: Secure Your Home
On the day of your trip, close and lock all windows and doors before you leave. If you have a home alarm system, ensure that it is set and the garage door is shut. Nothing is more unnerving than realizing that your home is vulnerable to intruders when you are hours away.

#6: Set Your Home’s Thermostat
During the warmer months, you may be able to leave the thermostat off entirely. However, if you are in an area in which temperatures commonly fall below freezing, be sure to set the temperature to no lower than 50°F to avoid freezing pipes and subsequent repair fees.

#7: Ensure Your Home Backup Generator is Ready to Run
In case a power outage occurs while you’re gone, make sure your home’s automatic standby generator is prepared for operation. Failing to do so can jeopardize the generator’s ability to protect electrical loads in your home. The last thing any homeowner wants to do is come home after a relaxing vacation and discover a refrigerator full of spoiled food or a flooded basement due to sump pump failure. While an automatic standby generator can provide the power your home requires when a utility outage occurs, it won’t be able to respond if you leave it in the OFF position. Check your generator a week or two before you leave to ensure that all maintenance requirements are met and that the unit is properly set to the AUTO position for standby mode.

Want to Safeguard Your Home?
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