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The Many Threats of Extended Power Outages

The Many Threats of Extended Power Outages


During the winter months, two of the most pressing concerns homeowners have when power outages occur are keeping warm and ensuring their pipes don’t freeze and burst. However, as warmer weather returns over the next few months, higher temperatures alone will quell these particular worries. Nevertheless, a power outage can still have devastating effects on your home and family regardless of the season. Spring and summer storms can cause wide-spread outages that can render your home’s critical appliances and modern day electronics useless. Without power, your home’s appliances, lighting systems and electrical loads, are susceptible to food loss, limited communication capabilities and uncontrollable flooding.

If your home is not equipped with a backup power system, it’s imperative that you stay prepared for unexpected power outages. Let’s review a few tips that can help you get through a few likely scenarios when utility power is interrupted:

Stock Up On Food

When utility power fails, you are left without the power your refrigerator and freezer require. It’s only a matter of time before perishable food items like meat and dairy products will spoil.
Without power to keep food cold or appliances like stoves and microwaves running for cooking purposes, you will need to have at least three days’ worth of nonperishable food items on hand to ensure your family stays well-fed until power is restored.

Prepare for Potential Flooding

A home’s sump pump, which is used to prevent basement flooding, can’t operate without power. If power is not restored quickly, flooding can occur, leading to a messy cleanup, property damage, costly repairs and potential remodeling.

If your home is not equipped with a backup power source, a battery or water-powered pump can provide a short-term solution for keeping flooding at bay. However, these two options do not have the capacity to keep up with an increased water flow caused by heavy rains. Moreover, they can only be operated if you are present when the outage initially occurs. A working sump pump is the best solution, and keeping one running requires a portable generator or inverter generator at a minimum.

Prepare a Communication Plan and Limit Battery Usage

In an age in which most homeowners own a variety of electronic devices, nothing exposes their vulnerability more than a power outage. The same goes for television, cable, video games, phone services and other forms of entertainment or communication. While some may argue that they could still use their smart phone or tablet for amusement or to keep in touch with loved ones, without electricity available to recharge the batteries, they too will be rendered inoperable in short order.

Also, aside from the enjoyment and entertainment electronics can provide, the main concern most homeowners have is not being able to use them to connect with loved ones to ensure they are safe, especially during severe storms or in an emergency. The best way to prepare for these frightening scenarios is to set a communication plan and develop an emergency evacuation plan with designated meeting points if conditions worsen throughout the outage. From walkie-talkies and precharged batteries to flashlights and candles, you should stock up on these items in an attempt to wait out the outage and stay connected with others until utility power is restored.

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