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Three Steps to Prepare Your Power Washer for Spring Cleaning

Three Steps to Prepare Your Power Washer for Spring Cleaning


Spring is a great time for tackling household cleaning tasks. While our products are manufactured to provide you with power when and where you need it most, they do require seasonal maintenance, especially if they were stored for winter.

Follow these tips to extend the life of your power washer and ensure its optimal operation as warm weather returns:

Reconnecting the Water Supply

Similar to a portable generator, a power washer’s engine should be properly filled with oil and fuel, as specified in the product’s documentation. In addition to completing these tasks, the unit’s water supply and hoses must be properly connected to ensure the washer provides optimal pressure during use. As dirty or overheated water can cause operational issues, only siphon water from a pressurized source that is cooler than 100 ºF (38 ºC). After verifying the water source, follow these steps:

  • Allow water to run for at least 30 seconds to get rid of any debris that could affect water pressure
  • Clean debris from water inlet screen, or replace screen entirely if damaged
  • Connect supply hose to water inlet and tighten by hand

Aside from properly maintaining and preparing your power washer for use this spring season, utilizing the ideal accessories for your desired cleaning tasks will also help to protect the unit from damage and improve its performance. To view a complete selection of power washer accessories, explore our product listings.

For additional maintenance tips, check out the Set-Up Section of your unit’s owner’s manual. You can either download a copy, or contact us directly at 888-GENERAC (436-3722) with the serial number of your product.

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