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Unexpected Outages and Their Causes

Unexpected Outages and Their Causes

Utility power outages are rarely anticipated. While homeowners usually get notices up to a week before a planned power outage, other factors — such as inclement weather, animal interference and traffic accidents — can unexpectedly cut utility power in your area. Below is a list of factors that most commonly cause widespread power outages throughout the summer months:
Inclement Weather

Lightning, heavy rains and high winds pose major threats to the availability of utility power in your local area. On one hand, lightning and high winds can knock down trees and utility poles, which can lead to damaged power lines and overloaded transformer circuits, both of which can leave your local area powerless for hours on end.
The same goes for rain and rising water levels. Flood waters are capable of damaging above-ground and underground electrical equipment. While flooding does not always cause power outages directly, utilities will often proactively shut down electrical equipment to prevent potential damage and avoid electrical safety hazards before conditions worsen.
Accidents & Animals

Automobiles and animals are two underestimated threats to your local power supply. Every year, numerous car accidents lead to damaged utility poles and power lines, leaving nearby neighborhoods and traffic lights powerless for hours at a time. Similarly, unsuspecting animals like birds and squirrels have been known to seek the warmth of electrical transformers. Much like fallen trees or branches, these critters can trigger a circuit breaker when they make contact with a transformer, which cuts off power to prevent potential damage to the surrounding grid. Until repairs can be made, surrounding neighborhoods and businesses are left powerless.
Planned Outages

Energy companies schedule planned power outages in hopes of avoiding future issues with the electrical grid. When your local electrical distribution system requires repairs or maintenance work, power in your local area will be shut down to de-energize electrical equipment that would otherwise pose a safety threat to electrical workers.
Regardless of the cause, power outages are major inconveniences. From rural farms to city settings, millions of homes and commercial businesses are affected by unexpected power failures every year. Luckily, there’s a solution capable of ensuring they never lose power again: Generac automatic standby generators.
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