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Worrisome residents fear outages the most when cold weather hits

Worrisome residents fear outages the most when cold weather hits


Imagine yourself preparing dinner for your family after a long day at work. While dicing vegetables, you turn on the television to tune into the five o’clock news report. Just minutes into the newscast, a severe storm notice moves across the bottom of the screen, warning residents in your local area of heavy precipitation and strong winds. With inclement weather on its way, your thoughts drift to concerns for the well-being of your family and the safety of your home. Are your loved ones safe? Will your home be damaged? Will a power outage occur? Fears like these are not uncommon among most homeowners. In fact, a recent Kelton study, commissioned by Generac Power Systems, revealed that two out of every five Americans living in 10 of the United States’ top power outage cities “freak out” when power outages occur.

For the most part, residents who find themselves in a general state of panic do not believe their city is prepared to respond to a utility power loss. Generac’s study revealed that 69 percent of residents in Dallas believe that their city is ill-prepared for extended outages. Similarly, over 70 percent of residents in Detroit and Atlanta doubt their city’s ability to respond when a loss of utility power occurs. In addition to Dallas, Detroit and Atlanta, other cities included in Generac’s study were Philadelphia, Oklahoma City, Boston, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis and Winston-Salem. Since 2010, over 39 million residents in these cities alone have been effected by inclement weather and extended power outages.Unnerving and inconvenient, when coupled with freezing temperatures, power outages can lead to consequences for homeowners.

When cold weather hits, families are forced to bundle up when their home’s heating system is not functioning. In an extended outage, most families will check into a hotel, especially if they have children. However, homeowners with pets will find that most hotels do not accept our four legged friends, and those that do often charge higher rates. Aside from effecting your ability to live comfortably in your own home, freezing temperatures can also cause pipes to burst if power is out for extended periods of time. When a home’s sump pump is without electricity, water flow becomes backlogged and can flood a basement full of furniture, storage items and keepsakes, leading to costly repairs and/or remodeling needs. Ultimately, every time the power goes out, homeowners are left to fear the worst while wondering how long it will take for power to be restored. However, with Generac’s automatic standby generators, owners hardly notice when utility outages occur.

When the power goes out, Generac’s automatic standby generators respond in a matter of seconds to provide continuous power to your home. As a safe alternative to utility service, these products can keep a variety of appliances, electronics and home security systems powered at all times, quelling any concerns a homeowner might have about their city’s ability to return utility power to their area in a timely manner. While outages may send most homeowners into frenzy, Generac home standby owners can continue life as usual, having the peace of mind that their home is protected from the effects of extended power outages and cold weather hazards. This means that your entire family will be able to enjoy luxuries like electronic devices, indoor heating, and a home-cooked meal—even if the rest of the neighborhood is without power.

Protect your home and loved ones this upcoming winter with a Generac automatic standby generator. To learn how a Generac unit can keep you and your family from worrying about the effects of inclement weather, power outages and freezing temperatures, download Generac’s Buyer’s Guide, or schedule a FREE in-home assessment with an independent authorized dealer in your area today.