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Mexico, Brazil and Rest of Latin America

Mexico, Brazil and Rest of Latin America


New Team Members
As the Generac business into Latin America and the Caribbean grows it is imperative that we add people to our team to help our distribution.  We are happy to welcome Alain Chavez, LATAM Marketing Manager, who will be helping with our distribution facing activities and plans for marketing in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Born in Mexico, Alain studied marketing and has experience working with LATAM markets having lived in Chile.  The intention is for Alain to help coordinate the activities related to co-op, execute marketing plans and work hand-in-hand with our distributors to execute a strong marketing strategy and the efficient use of co-op funds.  

Tradeshows/Events Attended

In late August, Generac attended the 2017 Latin American Energy Summit as a participating sponsor. Held in Santiago, Chile, this two-day conference gathers a variety of power industry professionals interested in discussing opportunities regarding the evolving energy industry in Latin America. Attendees included representatives from regional energy companies, engineering firms, infrastructure project developers and construction companies as well as a variety of prospective investors and government officials.
Having attended the event, Samara Salgado, Generac’s marketing director in Latin America, reported that there was particular interest in infrastructure projects related to renewable energy supplied by sources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric current. Other subject matter highlighted at this year’s event included transportation logistics and the role of hydrocarbons and natural gas in fueling power plant demand.
With industry experts and colleagues from Chile, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, the United States and Europe in attendance, the event was a great place for Generac Industrial Power to develop business relationships and remain a leading figure in international markets and global energy solutions. 
To review the event’s agenda, sponsors, guest speakers and more, visit the following link:

In hopes of educating power industry professionals on Generac Industrial Products’ robust product line and the benefits each unique solution provides to end users around the world, Generac Industrial Power partners Pegsa and Egener each held lunch & learn events in their respective countries this past July. Put on by the company’s expert support staff, Pegsa’s event was held in Bogotá, Colombia, on 12 July while Egener and its trained representatives welcomed attendees in Lima, Peru, on 20 July.
Each event was attended by numerous engineers specializing in everything from telecom applications and hospitality to data center and construction markets. Both of these Generac-sponsored events touched upon a variety of topics, including industry power rankings, generator control innovations, transfer switches and synchronization systems.
Along with staff members from these participating partners, Jesus Campos, Generac’s sales engineering manager in Latin America, was on hand to discuss the company’s current product offerings, enhanced technologies and developmental research with event attendees. By educating industry professionals and increasing awareness of Generac’s innovative power solutions, Pegsa and Egener were both able to position themselves for sustainable growth in their respective regions. In turn, Generac will use industry insights acquired through each event to enhance the focus of future technologies as well as product development and research.


The 7th Annual Data Center Summit was highlighted by 40 regional and international speakers from noteworthy organizations, including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), U.S. Green Building Council, Uptime Institute and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Widely recognized as the premier technology event in Latin America, this insightful event took place in Costa Rica on 10 August.
Invited by their commercial and industrial partner COMTEL, Generac was represented at the event by Sales Engineering Manager Jesus Campos, who joined COMTEL’s staff and more than 850 participants at this year’s event to discuss and share industry insights regarding the newest developments in data center support, disruptive technologies and clean energies.
Generac’s presence at this year’s summit provided the company valuable insight into the innovations that are currently impacting mission-critical application sites. As Generac continues to develop industry-leading emergency power solutions, attending thought leadership events such as the DC Summit will allow the company to monitor the pulse of technological developments currently affecting global infrastructures.

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