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News from Italy & Europe

News from Italy & Europe


Tradeshows/Events Attended

Pramac Attends GAM Machinery Festival

Pramac representatives recently traveled to display select products at the inaugural GAM Machinery Festival in Oviedo, Spain, 6 - 8 Oct. The Machinery Festival was held to gather machinery professionals — including manufacturers, traders, renters and dealers of replacement parts — for product demonstrations, industry-related round tables and interactive experiences pertaining to the equipment and machinery industry’s newest innovations.

With two exhibition areas at their disposal, a number of Pramac’s newest products were prominently displayed at the event. Products highlighted included the CUBE+ lighting tower and a few of the new GRW Series power generators. Additionally, Pramac’s MotoGP hospitality area provided event attendees with a space in which they could relax and continue engaging with Pramac representatives and other event attendees. Overall, the festival was an overwhelming success, and the Pramac team hopes to maintain a presence at the event for years to come.

Recent Pramac Family Day Fun for All Ages
On 5 Nov., Pramac held Family Day at the Polaris Business Park in Balsicas, Spain. Family members of Pramac employees attended the event to receive a factory tour and learn how the company produces a wide range of products.

In addition to these business-related activities, adults and children alike were invited to enjoy great food, take a seat on one of the Pramac racing team’s motorcycles and participate in a variety of other interactive activities.
Watch a short clip highlighting some of the day’s most noteworthy activities

Generac Mobile Products Shine at 2016 Showman’s Show
As a mainstay for unveiling the newest enhancements in outdoor activities and special events, the United Kingdom’s Showman’s Show serves as a prominent exhibition of the event industry’s most sophisticated structures, equipment, technology and entertainment. Joining over 340 exhibitors in Berkshire from 19 - 20 Oct., members of the Generac Mobile Products’ UK sales team were on hand to introduce two lighting towers specifically designed for the event market: the CUBE+ and the Hydro Power Box.

Nearly 5,000 visitors also had the chance to see the new DF Smart small dust control unit, which can also be used as a water nebulizer.

After closing a number of large sales in the United Kingdom in Q3, Generac Mobile Products’ presence at the event further heightened regional awareness and increased interest in the company’s unique product offerings among prospective international consumers.

GMP Fits Right In at Ecomondo 2016
From 8 - 11 Nov., members of Generac Mobile Products’ Italian sales team presented four of the company’s most eco-friendly products on the market at Ecomondo 2016. This particular event is recognized as the largest showcase dedicated to sustainable technologies for processing and recycling waste in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Held in Remini, Italy, Ecomondo 2016 focused on water treatment and reclamation efforts; wastewater and polluted marine sites; the efficient use and transformation of raw and processed materials; and the promotion of renewable raw materials. Given their eco-friendly purposes, the company’s CUBE+ Hybrid lighting tower and DF Mini Duo dust suppression unit, which is designed for indoor jobs and asbestos removal, were well received in addition to the company’s DF15000 and DF Smart dust suppression models.

In hopes of sustaining recent growth trends in Europe and surrounding regions, attending this event — which garners over 10,000 participants annually — allowed Generac Mobile Products to reach a variety of global companies, hundreds of foreign buyers and countless industry enthusiasts.

New Product Introductions

Pramac Introduces New GRW Series Generators
Pramac has introduced a brand new series of mobile power generators to market. The new GRW Series generators are designed to operate in a wide variety of applications where a temporary power supply is required. Ideal for rental companies, these versatile and highly efficient generators provide high structural resistance, low noise emissions, high degrees of protection and easy access points for providing service and maintenance. With power outputs ranging from 20 to 560 KVA, the new GRW models feature EU Stage 3A engines and top-of-class brushless alternators.

Learn more about individual product models.




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