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Generac Cleans Up at GAP London Depot

Generac Cleans Up at GAP London Depot


Leading equipment rental company GAP Hire Solutions has installed an environmentally friendly cleaning system from Generac Mobile Products in one of its London depots.

The Mini Wash Rack system is in situ at GAP’s Wembley site ahead of a programme to expand the company’s tool hire network in the London area.

Generac, the former Tower Light business, said the system is environmentally sustainable and self contained. It is designed to thoroughly clean a line of plant and machinery while protecting the wider environment from contaminants that are commonly found on light construction equipment.

It has separation tanks which securely isolate diesel, petrol, oils, grease and other chemicals, making them ready for proper disposal. It can be installed on a semi-permanent basis and also operates from recycled water, so there is need to apply for a discharge licence.

Generac’s Paul Hay said: “The Mini Wash Rack was developed for the hire industry, which has to comply with increasing environmental and health and safety legislation, especially related to the cleaning of equipment and the drainage of dirty water.

“In the past, the only option was to install a permanent tank, which invariably involves some sort of ground excavation. We believe that the Wash Rack range is more cost effective and we are very pleased that GAP has recognised the features and benefits of the Wash Rack system.”

GAP’s Ricky Ellam described the product as “an ideal solution for the internal cleaning of our equipment.”

He added: “With the lack of outside facilities available in these new depots, setting up a cleaning area was proving to be a dilemma. Also, we were not keen to carry out any excavation work, inside the depots, to install water tanks or a discharge system.”