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Nevis 150kW Install

Nevis 150kW Install


Nevis is a small island situated in the Caribbean sea, and home to the town of Charlestown. It’s part of the St. Kitts and Nevis Federation, and roughly 12,000 people reside in the area that was once a major shipping port for the island’s sugar production.

The building that housed the island’s treasury and revenue departments was severely damaged in a fire recently. The administration needed to find a replacement facility that had enough space, and adequate backup power was a requirement to ensure the safety of data stored on servers, especially given that the island is in the Atlantic hurricane zone. 

The administration decided to lease their new facility from Albertine Pinney, who owned the former Soloman Arcade in Charlestown, which had been renovated into office space. The arcade was a combination of two buildings retrofitting into one. Due to the backup power requirement, Pinney partnered with Comet Solar to supply a 150 kW diesel generator. 

She chose Comet because they were a distributor of reputable backup power systems manufactured by Generac, and had years of experience providing professional services.

Comet coordinated the installation of the generator with Pinney’s electricians to ensure compatibility, and designed the pad mount for the general contractor. The installation was designed to power two buildings, so the generator was specified with two breakers, each feeding one transfer switch. The first building was commissioned in January, and the second is currently underway.

The generator is adjacent to other offices and in close proximity to some homes. As a result, Comet had to ensure a high level of soundproofing, and decided to use a level 2A enclosure, which kept the noise to a minimum.