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News from Generac Mobile Products

News from Generac Mobile Products


Generac Mobile Products Branches Out into Pumps
Generac Mobile Products has returned to the pump industry for the first time in three years with the launch of the DWP6 high volume dry vacuum product. The initial market introduction covers four- and six-inch models, with the eight, 10 and 12-inch versions to follow. The pump features high performance, low noise, large solids handling capacity and a long-running fuel tank. It is also possible to regulate the pump's flow in line with customer needs. While the DWP6 is being marketed as primarily for dewatering, there is a lot of durability in the product and it will work anywhere there is a pumping application.

Generac Mobile Products Branches Out into Pumps

Lebanese Armed Forces Invests in Generac’s VT Hybrid Lighting Sets
Generac Mobile Products has secured a significant order for its innovative VT Hybrid lighting sets from the Lebanese Armed Forces.

ebanese Armed Forces Invests in Generac VT Hybrid Lighting Sets

The VT Hybrid Lighting Tower features an innovative hybrid battery/diesel system with auto charging technology. The set runs on 90 percent battery power and 10 percent fuel. The battery is automatically recharged via a low battery monitor system, combining 8-hours battery power and 8-hours generator usage.

In order to deliver bright, economical illumination, we have fitted each of these sets with 4 no. 150 watt energy saving LED lamps ready provide a light coverage at 3600 sq.m at an average of 20 Lux. The 160 litre, fully bunded, fuel tank will enable the VT Hybrid to run for over 700 hours on one single tank of fuel. The canopy construction has been finished in matt Army brown and the complete unit has been tested in wind speeds of 110 k/m.

The battery has around 4000 hours life and the generator consumes just 0.26 litres per hour when in use. The system contributes almost zero noise pollution as it remains totally silent for 50 percent of the time, making it ideal for use in noise sensitive operations.