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Ottomotores Brand Transitions to Generac|Ottomotores

Ottomotores Brand Transitions to Generac|Ottomotores


Generac Power Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of backup and continuous power systems, mobile products, and engine-powered tools, is pleased to announce that its Mexico-based subsidiary, Ottomotores, has been rebranded, and is now known as Generac | Ottomotores.

Since acquired Ottomotores in November 2012, the company has invested significant resources in defining the pillars for a new market strategy that leverages Ottomotores’ prominent position in Mexico, as well as Generac’s extensive resources, product portfolio and experience in all distribution channels. The introduction of the Generac | Ottomotores dual brand enables the company and its customers to capitalize on Generac’s global brand presence and broad product portfolio to expand in the region and into markets outside of Latin America.

“The decision to move to a dual brand will help drive significant growth, and is directly in line with our global expansion strategy,” said Aaron Jagdfeld, chief executive officer, Generac Power Systems. “This move will help solidify our global leadership position, while bringing proven technology in diverse products to the market place where customers will benefit for years to come.”

As part of the dual branding efforts, new solutions and advanced technologies have been implemented to enhance the overall customer experience, said Ricardo Navarro, senior vice president of LATAM and Managing Director – Ottomotores Mexico.

“The future is bright for Generac | Ottomotores, which is why we’ve invested time, energy and resources into strengthening the company,” said Navarro. “As a result, our customers’ confidence has grown, and future customers will come to rely on the company for engine-powered solutions.”