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TL Training

TL Training


Increase sales opportunities by enrolling today for Generac Mobile Product’s new commercial sales and technical training session, focused on the new Hydro Power Cube Hybrid (HPC-Hybrid) light tower.

Classes are available for current and new customers, and distributors.

Training sessions scheduled in June:

  • Byrne Equipment Rental LLC (Qatar branch)
  • Hertz & Dayim Equipment Rental LLC (Saudi Arabia)
  • Mannai Trading Co. (Qatar)
  • Byrne Equipment Rental LLC (Oman branch)

The training sessions are hosted by , Generac’s product and technical service manager, Daniele Crepaldi, and Fabio Busato, a member of Generac’s Technical Service Team. At the end of each session, each participant will receive an official Certificate of Training from Generac Mobile Products.

To enroll in a training class, contact your Generac Mobile Products sales representative.