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News From Latin America

News From Latin America


Generac Participates in LatAm Mining Innovation Summit
Mining is one of Latin America’s main economic activities. The world’s major miners operate in the region and have multibillion dollar projects planned for the near term. After years of high prices and rising costs, the industry is now under intense pressure to increase efficiency and productivity, and is becoming more open to innovation and state-of-the-art technology. The limited supply and high cost of energy and water is one of the biggest issues facing the sector, which must also continue to minimize the environmental impact of its operations.

In order to find solutions to these pressing issues and share best practices, BNamericas developed the first LatAm Mining Innovation Summit held in Santiago, Chile on 8-9 July, where Generac participated as sponsor.

The summit highlighted processing and automation solutions that mining companies are implementing through IT and robotics applications in collaboration with tech companies and research centers.

In short, Latin America is a very competitive region in terms of mineral resources and is still the main target for international mining companies; there are therefore great opportunities for power projects.

Generac Host Bi-Annual Latin American Dealer Council Meeting
Generac hosted its bi-annual Latin American dealer meeting in Wisconsin (USA) in late-July.  Dealers visited Generac’s manufacturing facilities in Waukesha, Eagle, Whitewater, Berlin and Oshkosh, where they had an opportunity to see where and how Generac products lines are designed and produced. They also met with Aaron Jagdfeld, Generac’s chief executive offer. For fun the group went the Milwaukee Brewers vs Cleveland Indians baseball game and to EVO Ping Pong bar. 

Pictured in Berlin, WI from Left to Right: Juan Carlos Perez, Equipos Diesel; Carlos Trolliet, Naval Motors; Esteban Guarderas, Energy Solutions; Gilberto Salinas, SFI; Ricardo Maiselson, Cime

Generac Sponsors BNamericas Fifth LATAM Power Generation Summit 

Generac was a Bronze sponsor at the BNamericas 5th LATAM Power Generation Summit, held Aug. 19-20 in Lima, Peru. There were more than 150 participants from businesses throughout Latin America; and speakers included executives from companies, such as the Minister of Energy for Peru and the Gas Natural Fenosa.

Picture, Left to Right:
Alfonso Castillo, Egener; Frank Moreno, Director of LATAM; Samara Salgado, Marketing Manager for LATAM; and Gustavo Garcia, President of Engineering Society of Peru.

Generac Named Best Supplier in Power Generation Category by Manufactura Magazine
Generac was recently named a 2015 Best Supplier in the power generation category by Manufactura Magazine. Click here to learn more!

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