Clean-Burning Gaseous Fuel: Enjoy Longer Running Times and Reliability Without Complications

Looking for an inspired generator solution, consider natural gas. While working with natural gas was problematic years ago, new technologies have increased the durability and reliability of these gensets. Combine that with the reduced air emissions and smaller carbon footprint, and you have a winning solution for many applications.

Award-Winning Technology

Our experience and innovative technological advances in natural gas generators have actually won us back to back awards from Frost and Sullivan as “The Natural Gas Generator Company of the Year”. In addition, our 500 kW natural gas generator recently earned a Silver Award from the readers of Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine.

Concrete Benefits for Specifiers, Installers, and Consumers

While awards are nice and speak to our commitment, the benefits that natural gas can provide you with are even greater.
Easier Permitting

Easier Permitting

Natural gas is a clean burning fuel that does not require excessive testing or permitting. The high level of emissions produced by diesel generators often increases the difficulty in procuring an air-quality permit.
Cost-effective Engines

Cost-effective Engines

Automotive-style spark-ignited engines are readily available in high volumes, making them more economical than similarly sized diesel engines.
Long Running Times During Outages

Long Running Times During Outages

Since natural gas is supplied by a utility with underground pipelines it is rarely impacted by weather and the flow of fuel is largely secure—they can often run for weeks and months. For diesel generators, the fuel supply typically ends after three days. And during a crisis, fuel deliveries are often delayed or non-existent.
Fuel Supply

Fuel Supply

With diesel fuel, winter storms or unexpected disasters can wreak havoc on operations across the country. If supply trucks are delayed, it can greatly impact production.
Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

In diesel generators, the required low sulfur diesel gas needs to be re-conditioned or polished every 12-16 months to ensure impurities don’t impact fuel flow. This is not an issue with natural gas.


Many companies are becoming very “green” and considering that aspect in every part of new construction or as they remodel. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel today, it produces the fewest emissions, and has a much smaller carbon footprint. Natural gas generators also avoid the fuel containment, spillage, and environmental concerns associated with storing diesel fuel.

Built to Last by the Best in the Business

Generac Spark-ignited Engines Engineered Specifically for Backup Power

We have a single-minded focus to provide engines designed to do one thing—generate backup power. To ensure reliability and long life, we manufacture our own-spark ignited engines from the block-up. Applying natural gas to spark-ignited engines requires advanced engineering expertise and Generac has more than five decades of experience that goes to work for you every day.

Protection from the Elements

Generac manufactures its own generator enclosures to ensure each unit combines the highest level of durability with the latest engineering advancements in noise reduction, weather resistance, and streamlined design. In addition to our standard enclosures, we also offer high performance and extreme performance enclosures.

Rugged Base Frames

Generac’s heavy-duty base frames ensure accurate alignment between the engine and alternator at all times. Oil and water drain points are situated for easy access. Vibration isolators contribute to smooth operation. And power cable stub-ups are positioned for easy installation.

PowerManager® Integrated Controls

PowerManager digital controls* let you monitor and control key elements of your generator system with the touch of a button or click of a mouse. Features like constant monitoring capabilities, adjustable parameters, and built-in protective alarms help provide the highest level of reliability.
*Not available on QuietSource products.

Optimized Alternator Performance

Generac industrial alternators are machine wound, machine inserted, and machine varnished for the ultimate in consistency. Form winding and stack bracing ensures reliable performance. Rotor spin balancing eliminates vibration. And vented rotors contribute to cooler operation, longer life, and enhanced efficiency.

Explore Our Configured Gaseous Gensets

Generac Provides Sales, Design, Installation, and Service Support

Commercial, industrial, and mission critical facilities rely on Generac Industrial Power every day. From 10 kW convenience stores to multi-megawatt wastewater systems, Generac has over half a century of experience designing, installing, and commissioning industrial power projects across North America.
If you have questions about our gaseous generators or just want to learn more, contact one of our Commercial and Industrial Distributors. Our worldwide network has factory-trained and certified technicians with trusted expertise in system design, sizing, installation, commissioning, diagnostics, and repairs.

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