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The industrial/commercial marketplace has leaned towards diesel generators for some time as they have been the “go to” choice since the inception of standby power. As a result, some find diesel generators to be the comfortable choice. Yet, Generac created options, and engineers began to switch. “The difference we are starting to see is due to the new complexities caused by low-sulfur diesel fuel. Customers must constantly tend to the fuel and care for it—much like a pampered pet. As a result, many engineers and contractors are starting to specify natural gas generators,” said Daniel Barbersek, Director of Industrial Sales at Generac Power Systems.

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Festival Foods Selects Natural Gas Generator

Food service and grocery store companies are highly energy-dependent to ensure the freshness and safety of their products. Temperatures in freezers and refrigeration units must meet certain levels or the food can no longer be offered to customers. Even brief outages could result in significant financial losses.

A family-owned company, Festival Foods, was founded in 1946. They operate more than 20 stores and employ more than 5,000 people throughout Wisconsin. The company is unique in that they have a mission to deliver more than groceries. From the website, “Festival Foods will be Wisconsin's leading and most innovative grocer. We will consistently deliver the best shopping experience, be the best place to work, and make a positive impact in the communities we serve.”

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This multi-part article is designed to help engineers, contractors, and other specifiers understand the stringent requirements for hospitals—as people’s lives are on the line when the power goes out. In Part 1: Hospital Emergency Power Design, Generac addressed Circuit Requirements and Selective Coordination. In Part 2, Generac will highlight Separation of Circuits and Disconnect at Point of Entry.

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